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  Shifting a Societal Paradigm   

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What if every marriage could come with a "Guaranty"?

The idea of Divorce Insurance or Marriage Insurance is not new. In fact, its roots go back to the very beginnings of insurance in Elizabethan England. As early as 1664, insurance policies were being written on marriages, births and even christenings. Unfortunately, most of these policies were written as a form of wager and England banned the practice in 1712. No form of marriage insurance policy has been written since.

Marriage itself is a forward looking and optimistic event. Itís a time when outlooks all seem bright and dreams are in the making. And historically, marriage has been the cornerstone of civilized society.

The idea that the combined efforts of husband and wife result in an increase in wealth is not only valid, but data from the US National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, which tracks individuals in their 20s, 30s and early 40s, shows that over time married respondents experience per person net worth increases of 93%, nearly double over single respondents. Additionally, their wealth increases on average 16% for each year of marriage.

Today, couples are often marrying later and in many cases, both husband and wife bring more assets and more debt, meaning more complexity into a relationship. Yet no investment vehicle exists today that provides individuals that tirelessly work to maintain a lasting marriage with any financial remuneration or monetary incentive from what anyone would agree sometimes involves unending compromise and hard sacrifices in the quest for marital harmony.Marriage uncertainty

There are few guarantees in life and based on current divorce rates, marriage is certainly not one. Sadly this cornerstone has eroded over time to the point that nearly half of all marriages that take place in westernized societies fail.

Approximately 2.3 million weddings take place in the United States alone each year.  Historical data indicates that about 50%  of first marriages ultimately will be dissolved via divorce (according to and more than 60% of remarriages.  Of the projected 24 million weddings that will be consummated in the United States between 2010 and 2020, over 11,700,000 of those marriages will likely be legally dissolved in their first 15 years. And because children of divorced parents are three times more likely to get divorced than their counterparts from successful marriages, the US census now estimates that only 33% of couples married today will celebrate their 25th anniversary.

Money jarIn addition, in 2008, the US personal savings rate was at its lowest point since the Great Depression. While that has adjusted somewhat because of fears of a prolonged downturn in the economy, the US still has one of the worst personal savings rate of any industrialized nation. Credit card debt has tripled since 1989 to nearly 800 billion in the US alone and Social Security may soon be at risk of insolvency.  As a result, more and more, couples today are actively searching for investments that will guarantee a comfortable retirement with high returns and more importantly, low risk.

As a first step into the marketplace, SafeGuard Guaranty Corporation became the first company in the world to develop an actual divorce insurance policy called WedLock Divorce Insurancesm . Launched in August of 2010, originally underwritten and sold by a Utah Surplus Lines insurer, today WedLocksm policies are not currently available, but we are actively looking for underwriting relationships that will help us relaunch that product in certain markets outside the US. Here in the United States we are moving to the next phase which will include the creation of a new insurance company to underwrite our new product, Marriage Assurancesm which, along with the same type of divorce coverage that the previous policies offered, will also provide for a long term 'Successful Marriage Benefit' for those policy holders that do not divorce, thereby financially incenting them to stay married.

Read more about the financial impact of divorce.

Marriage Assurancesm will break new ground in the insurance industry by being the first policy in the world to offer a huge, wealth creating, living benefit to people for simply staying married and at the same time offer the peace of mind of a cash based financial safety net should the unimaginable happen and they become an unfortunate statistic of divorce, death or terminal illness. To find out more, send us an email at

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